Overcomer’s Caring Ministries (OCM) is a Christian community-based charitable organization transforming the lives of vulnerable and needy children in the Kibera slums of Nairobi through rescue, holistic rehabilitation and education. Established in 1999 by church leaders who witnessed the desperate need experienced by many children in their community, OCM has gone on to rescue hundreds of children who are now leading productive and fulfilling lives.

Overcomer’s Caring Ministries is a home of love and hope for children who have been abandoned, abused, orphaned, neglected, as well as those affected or infected with HIV and AIDS. We minister to orphans and children who come from families in dire need, regardless of their religion, sex, color or tribe. OCM provides our students with necessities such as food, shelter, clothing, education, medical care, and spiritual guidance so they can discover their God-given potential and purpose in life, and are empowered to raise themselves and their families out of poverty.

Our students receive a high quality academic education taught by our experienced and certified teaching staff. They also enjoy daily devotional activities, children’s church, annual vocational Bible School (DVBS), field trips and more. Our Christ-centered spiritual and mentorship programs effect positive character transformation by guiding the children to know and love God.

Our holistic approach At OCM we not only support children through formal and informal education, we also offer vulnerable single mothers, widows and parents in challenging life situations skills training and education to set them up for future self-reliance. Our team members provide home-based care and visitations to hospitals and prisons to minister healing to both the hurting guardians and their children. We provide spiritual guidance and basic health education on drug abuse, HIV/AIDS, hygiene and other issues. This vital outreach helps build a solid foundation for children who are able to continue living in their communities, and sets their families up for future success.

All children go through a thorough assessment process before qualifying for admission to Overcomer’s Caring Ministries. Many children approach us asking for help at our feeding and outreach programs, others are recommended by community leaders or at the request of a parent.

It is amazing to listen to the stories of transformation of children who used to rummage through dustbins in the streets, never went to school, had nothing to eat, nowhere to sleep, no one who loves them, and did not know God. All these circumstances changed for them when they joined OCM, as they found themselves loved, received education, got to know God and trained in various careers.

In the same way that ‘the stone that was rejected by the builders became the cornerstone’ (Psalms 118:22), through our ministry at OCM God has touched and transformed the lives of these abandoned street children and turned them into pillars of the society. Only God can make that possible for He is faithful.

Overcomers Caring Ministries was founded by Rev. Simon Monda (Bachelor of Theology, International Leadership University), Eunice K. Gori (Diploma in Transformational Church Leadership, Pan Africa Christian University) and Pastor Wicklife Mwiti (Diploma, African Pastoral Institute/Northern Baptist Seminary). OCM is registered under Kenya Laws mandated to run both the orphanage and school alongside community empowerment initiatives.

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